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Being physically active and focusing on improving nutrition can help improve overall well-being and even help eliminate other physical stressors on the body. Consult with Dr. Dean for more information on improving your nutrition and fitness goals.

At Dean's Chiropractic Center, our team of Chiropractic Physicians and Therapists, combine all of their knowledge toward overall general health and well-being to ensure your visit to our center will be a successful and enlightening experience! We concentrate on the entire “body, mind, spirit” approach to the overall health care of all our patients. The mainstay of this approach always trends back to “what you put in your body” (NUTRITION) and “how you take care of your machine” (FITNESS). Our Chiro-Medical concept of health focuses on you as a whole, and therefore we individualize every aspect of your wellness program from start to finish! Your visit to our facility won’t just end when you leave!! Come and see for yourself and let us “Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit” with knowledge in your pursuit for a healthier life!!!!

Healthy Food
Benefits of

Combining Exercise with Healthy Eating

By adding exercise to the equation, this same individual revs up her metabolism and is able to eat more reasonable quantities of food while still losing weight. Her body dimensions become more attractive and she grows stronger and more agile. Exercise complements the diet by lowering blood pressure and triglycerides, but takes it two steps further by raising high density lipid proteins, which help to remove cholesterol from the blood, and by improving glucose sensitivity in people who are type 2 diabetics. Exercise allows people to listen and respond to their body's hunger cues, reduces the risk of infection and tension, improves mental alertness and creativity and strengthens bones.

Nutrition / Fitness Guidelines

The United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services developed the "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" based on the importance of combining healthy eating habits and exercise. These recommendations aim to promote wellness and prevent chronic disease and are based on three key messages: aim for fitness, build a healthy base and choose sensibly.

(Aim for Fitness)
1. Aim for a healthy weight
2. Be physically active every day

(Build a Healthy Base)
3. Follow the food guide pyramid
4. Choose a variety of grains
5. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables
6. Keep foods safe

(Choose Sensibly)
7. Low saturated fat, low cholesterol, moderate in total fat
8. Choose beverages and foods to moderate sugar intake
9. Choose foods with less salt
10. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation

These guidlines apply to anyone over two years of age

Women Running


Diets are short-term. To "go on a diet" implies that you intend to "go off the diet" at a later point in time. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are habits, not diets. They include both healthy eating and regular exercise and all 10 are habits that you can and should follow for a lifetime.




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