Reduce Body Fat

Dean’s Chiropractic Center utilizes a physican supervised 21 day weight loss program designed to help you reach your targeted weight by adhering to a strict very low-calorie diet plan and daily dose of our proprietary blend solution. Patients who properly follow the diet protocol lose an average of 0.8 to 2 pounds per day.

The diet protocol is based on proven scientific and metabolic principles. Skinny Up Reduce is a proprietary blend solution consisting of ingredients designed to affect the hypothalamus by engaging and supporting your metabolism by controlling hunger, improving digestion, energizing the adrenal/thyroid complex; thus supporting the hypothalmus as a whole. This gives fast weight loss and long term weight stability. While in the program we will help you determine what foods are best for your health and optimium energy levels. We also offer vibration therapy to help stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and tone the body and increase skin elasticity.

When you start a low calorie diet, your body will naturally go into survival mode and hang onto your energy rich fat stores, breaking down your leaner muscle tissue for energy. You’ll become tired, hungry, and irritable. Many people attempting a low calorie diet will give up at this point as the body’s survival mechanism overpowers their will. But the diet protocol used by Dean’s Chiropractic enables the body to easily break down fat instead of muscle, eliminating hunger and keeping you feeling great. And because our program targets excess fat and not structural or normal reserves, your body naturally reshapes as unwanted fat deposits are released. This fat is then turned into calories, which are then burned by the body for energy. And because of the catalytic properties, you will feel no hunger as you melt the pounds away day after day! Results are not dependent on exercise, but exercise is always encouraged for a healthier lifestyle.

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