Massage Therapy

Experience the profound benefits of our physical and massage therapy department. Receiving massage and bodywork promotes physical and emotional well- being by allowing the body to relax, detoxify, and relieve stress. All of our licensed massage therapists, chiropractors, and osteopathic physicians have over 10 years of experience. We treat all types of physical complaints from headaches, neck and back pain, sports injuries, and even specialize in complete treatment plans for auto accident injuries. Whether you are here to relax and relieve stress or follow a doctor recommended treatment plan, our therapy department will ensure that you receive the best treatment possible to facilitate relaxation, recovery, and an overall state of health and well-being.

Our Physical Therapy Department Utilizes many Therapy Modalities Including:

Personalized and Treatment Based Massage

large_massage_therapy2We understand that each person has unique therapeutic needs when it comes to bodywork. Our primary focus is your well-being and providing massage therapy that is flexible and integrates a variety of massage modalities to meet your needs. A full-body massage blending practitioner-specific modalities, deep tissue work, passive stretching, acupressure, neuromuscular re-education, and trigger point release treatments.

Deeptissue / Myofacial Release:

large_massage_therapy1The intent of deep tissue is to release specific muscles or muscle groups from chronic holding patterns resulting from injury or fatigue. When chronic tension is released, muscles return to their normal position, and bones realign to correct posture. Deep tissue massage works specific areas and is not intended for a full body massage. This work can be intense and may cause some soreness afterwards, which can be soothed by using ice packs.

Specific Therapy Modalities Available:
A full body massage blending practitioner-specific modalities, deep tissue work, passive stretching, acupressure, trigger point treatment, and firm Swedish techniques.

•Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS)
•Hot packs/Cold packs
•NeuroMuscular Re-education
•Myofascial and Trigger Point Release Technigues
•Manual and Intersegmental Traction Techniques
•Hydro-Massage Table
•Therapeutic Activities and Exercise
•Chiropractic Joint Mobilization
•Osteopathic Manual Manipulation Techniques

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